The Recipe “SOFTCORE” (2008)

Get a box and fill the ground with the cut off soft parts of cotton swabs (use good scissors; the amount depends on your human resources -Don’t over do it!)
Get a stone with a hole in if manageable, or use maybe a building brick that has one, that has the size to fit in the box
Get the book “Softcore” by Tirdad Zolghadr via services as Amazon (used ones are more than welcomed)
Make an eyelet in the top right front corner of the book and stabilize it with a metal ring
Find some sort of material that can connect both the book and the stone (around 2 metres in length) it might vary;
Get a clamp light to put it on one of the sides of the box above (not too bright)
Lift up the box from the floor with any additional material put under each corner (5cm to 15cm)

Get a digital video frame or use an ipad, if you have, for displaying the Clip Softcore/Marcel Reich-Ranicki-Rampe - YouTube (let it run on loop); even a small monitor might be an option.


Arranging the different elements are up to you and should reflect the given light situations. The clamp light should mainly highlight the box, the video can be positioned in some distance, that it is not affected by the light of the lamp. The book can lay around with the possible distance the ”rope” allows.






Bernd Krauss/2012/for  “Los Irrespetuosos” at Museo de Arte Carrrillo Gil